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Frequently asked questions and answers.

Is it possible to use the electric fans with a voltage of 230?

The electric motors for electric fans are of standard dimensions for use with Y-connection when joined to supply network with 3 times 400voltage.

If for any reason the need to use another voltage should arise (e.g.230V), it is possible to fulfil this customer request.

Does the electro motor have any thermal protection?

It is necessary to protect the electro motor against overload or short-circuit. Short-circuit protection is provided by means of a circuit-breaker. A circuit-breaker with delayed over-current characteristics (which protects even against overload) is advisable. Fuses may be used, however these only protect electro motor and lead against impact of losses. Where a circuit-breaker is chosen, we recommend one of appropriate calibre is used. When using fuses to protect against short-circuit, it is necessary to use relay and contactor to prevent overload. Triggering is done either by switch or directly by contactor.

Is it possible to use electric fans in an environment where there is a danger of explosion?

Electric ventilators in EX design can be used in an environment where there is a danger of explosion. Both electro motor and plastic parts of the electric fan are modified to protect against the accumulation of static electricity.

Request for the EX design must be specifically mentioned when ordering because the producers distribute electric fans for use in both environments that pose a danger of explosions and those that do not.

Can the electric ventilators be used with all kinds of corrosives?

All parts of the electric ventilator are made from polypropylene, which in normal conditions resists most of the corrosives. However, allied substances of chlorine and chrome-sulphur acid are an exception. When designing the air-conditioning chain, it is necessary to weigh all factors which could combine to produce adverse effects, including high temperature.

What is the difference in design between right and left configuration?

The designations left and right are used to describe the difference in the fans internal configurations. The words left or right define direction of the rotors movement inside the chamber of the electric fan when facing the inlet duct. Rotors designed for each configuration have different shapes and can not be mistaken. For more information see picture below.

Is it possible to use the electric fans for extraction of air containing aqueous fog, steam, or aerosol?

Electric fans and their moving parts are constructed to extract air at a density of 1,2kg.m. If following analysis extracted air containing steam, fog, aerosols or other pollutants such as foam shows a higher density, it then becomes necessary to use a higher performance electric fan. This fan in turn should have its inlet duct constricted so that the current drown by the electro motor does not exceed given calibre.

Is it possible to use electric fans to extract air containing solid particles?

Electric fans and their moving parts are constructed to extract air at a density of 1,2 kg.m-3 Moreover the properties of the material used to construct the fan do not lend themselves to long term exposure to falling particles.

In the event that it becomes necessary to use plastic electric fan for such a task, a particle separator must be fitted into the extraction chamber.