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Electric fans JET

The key element of electric fan JET is electric fan SEAT. There are two means of installation:

  • method inline directly into the ducting (by means of metal wall bracket),
  • roof unit electric fan (by means of attachable base plate)

The engine of the JET electric fan is protected against corrosive fumes and changing climatic conditions by a covering. Both casing and propeller are made from polypropylene.

JET 20

JET 25

JET 30

Chemical resistance



Diluted acid 4
Concentrated acid 4
Halogens (dry) 1
Diluted lye 4
Concentrated lye 4
Alcohol 4
Ester 3
Ketone 3
Ether 2
Halogen alkaline 1
Benzene 1
Benzine 3
Mineral oil 4
Sea water 4

1  conditionally resistant to unstable
2  conditionally resistant
3  resistant to conditionally resistant
4  resistant