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Frequency inverters

Frequency inverters of electric fans are single-phased and tri-phased from 10 to 50 HZ.

Frequency inverters change the rate of fans rotation in accordance with changes of frequency within the range of 10 to 50 HZ. We provide single-phase and tri-phased frequency inverters for specific motor sizes. Please contact us to choose the appropriate frequency inverter to selected electric fan. To our electric fans we recommend to use frequency inverters HITACHI or SIEMENS.

Single-phased frequency inverters

The single-phased frequency inverter has to be connected by means of triangular connection. This has the advantages of single connecting phase of 230V and a lower price. The disadvantage is a higher current drain when connected.

Tri-phased frequency inverters

The tri-phased frequency inverter requires a star-connection. The advantage is same current drain from all phases.